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The Ministry of Tourism, in collaboration with the Tourism Development Company Limited (TDC) presents the new overseas marketing representatives
September 22, 2011

Appointment of new Overseas Marketing Representatives
22 September, 2011

The heads of the Overseas Representatives left to right are Cheryl Andrews (US); Christine Engen (Scandinavia); Peggie Kieda (Canada) Minister of Tourism Dr. Rupert Griffith; Nadine Rankin (UK); Beena Menon (India) and Anke-Andrea Sponet (Germany)

September 22, 2011: The Ministry of Tourism, in collaboration with the Tourism Development Company Limited (TDC), on Wednesday presented to local tourism stakeholders and media the organisations and agencies that were appointed as Trinidad and Tobago Overseas Marketing Representatives in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Germany, Scandinavia and the new market of India.

The new Overseas Marketing Representatives are as follows:
Cheryl Andrews Marketing - United States of America
AVIAREPS Tourism Canada - Canada
Spirit Company - Scandinavia
Advanced Management Group (AMG) Ltd - United Kingdom
Beautiful Planet - India

These organisations will represent and brand the Trinidad and Tobago product and will be responsible for developing and implementing strategic public relations and marketing programs to aggressively promote Trinidad and Tobago.

The International Marketing Representatives will also be tasked with the responsibility of evaluating and mitigating any threats to the reputation and positive image of Trinidad and Tobago in our key source markets.

In presenting the Overseas Representatives, Dr. the Honourable Rupert T. Griffith, the Minister of Tourism, pointed out that "all the required due diligence was done to ensure that all the representatives deliver to the people of Trinidad full value for money". The selection of the International Marketing Representatives also coincided with the appointment of a new strategic team at the TDC, which is the marketing and implementation agency of the Ministry of Tourism. A new Chief Executive Officer, in the person of Mrs. Sandra Perkins, has been appointed.

The job of an Overseas Marketing Representative is quite important in this challenging international economic environment as branding and image have become critical to tourism destinations. Competition is intense among traditional and emerging tourism destinations making branding even more important

During their visit to Trinidad and Tobago, the International Marketing Representatives will be visiting the various tourist attractions in order to better understand the product and meeting with tourism stakeholders and the broader tourism community so as to ensure a clear appreciation of the marketing needs and challenges of Trinidad and Tobago.



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